Assimilation of /t/ and /d/ + /j/


/t/ (followed by /j/) becomes //


sound_loud_speaker Tell me what you mean by this (Laurie Taylor, BBC4). |wɒt ju ˈmiːn| → |wɒ tʃu ˈmiːn|

sound_loud_speaker Josh Surtees is a journalist who writes for The Guardian and lives in Trinidad and Tobago. Last year he received an emal from our Middle East correspondent, Bethan McKernan (podcast from The Guardian).

|ˈlɑːst ˈjɪə| → |ˈlɑːs ˈɪə|

sound_loud_speaker What is needed, though, is that you understand the mental demands of those sports and are able to adapt your work, so that it can be integrated into the performance environment. But if you’re not honest to your clients about what you realistically can and can’t do, you won’t progress very far (from a Cambridge Advanced test).


Very often, this process takes place within a single word:

sound_loud_speaker He was paraded in the École normale, in the École militaire, in the huge courtyard, and he was stripped, ceremonially, stripped of all his epaulettes and decoration and his sword was broken in front of him and he was sent off to, as you said, Devil’s Island (Robert Gildea, BBC4). /ˈkɔːtjɑːd/ → /ˈkɔːɑːd/

sound_loud_speaker In this period, the papl incomes shifted rather from being mainly derived from being spiritual incomes (Catherine Fletcher, BBC4). /ˈspɪrɪtjuəl/ → /ˈspɪrɪuəl/ In this case, the assimilated version is, of course, the most common one.


/d/ (followed by /j/) becomes /ʤ/

sound_loud_speaker If you go back several hundred years, you can see that… (Michael Rosen, BBC4). |ˈhʌndrəd ˈjɪəz| → |ˈhʌndrə ˈdʒɪəz|

sound_loud_speaker Once you got the Papacy, you can then use it to embed your family not only in ecclesiastical positions but also in aristocratic positions (Evelyn Welch, BBC4). |ɪmˈbed jɔː ˈfæməli| → |ɪmˈbe ɔː ˈfæməli|

sound_loud_speaker Would audiences be surprised by how hard you sometimes work [in]to create that very naturalistic performance (Lauren Laverne, BBC3)


Again, this can be found within a single word very frequently:

sound_loud_speaker The pendulum is very definitely swinging back the other way at present (John Hines, BBC4). /ˈpendjələm/ → /ˈpenələm/

sound_loud_speaker Alexander was brought up and educated with a very close group of young noble Macedonian friends (Rachel Mairs, BBC4). /ˈedjʊkeɪtɪd/ → /ˈeukeɪtɪd/

sound_loud_speaker And later, fifty years later, [he] engaged in a duel with a fire-breathing dragon (Melvyn Bragg, BBC4). Notice that, because of this assimilation, duel becomes a homophone of jewel.

/ˈdjuːəl/ → /ˈdʒuːəl/