sound_loud_speaker But I also said at the time that ultimately this was a decision for the British people, and the British people made that decision (Barack Obama).

sound_loud_speaker They invite us to ask questions about where we are, what we’re looking at and how close we can get to it (The National Gallery podcast).

sound_loud_speaker Anyway, I’ve got a shirt that says, “Real men read,” and I wear it every chance that I get because I remember being sneered at as a kid sometimes (Stephen King).


sound_loud_speaker It was inspired by his affair with the broadcaster Joan Bakewell, which they kept secret for years meeting in a flat they kept together (Samira Ahmed, BBC4).

sound_loud_speaker It’s the perfect thing for you (Rupert Everett, BBC4).



sound_loud_speaker When you’re writing about yourself, there is the tumult of you that you have to do justice to (Howard Jacobson, Open2).


sound_loud_speaker We sometimes tell ourselves that the reason to be scared of climate change is because it threatens humans with imminent extinction (Adam Levy, ClimateAdam Channel).

sound_loud_speaker So, the Advanced search screen looks a little bit complicated, but it is really nothing to be scared of (Youtube, unknown speaker).