Many idioms have a specific pattern of accentuation that does not comply with the LLI rule. On a large number of occasions –but not all-, the exception can be accounted for by reference to the different cases analyzed in this work. They mostly reflect the general tendency to accent nouns at the expense of verbs. Here is a small sample of them, provided with some context. The accentual pattern has been taken from Jones (2003). Only the nuclear accent is given.

(325) sound_loud_speaker I’ve got no money, no girlfriend, no job, no nothing. It’s a dog’s life.

(326) sound_loud_speaker Peter? He’s desperately looking for you. But be careful because it seems he has an axe to grind.

(327) sound_loud_speaker When the boss finds out he’s going to bite your head off.

(328) sound_loud_speaker You’re going to wait for her? Yeah… Wait till the cows come home!

(329) sound_loud_speaker It’s touch-and-go whether she’s going to live or die. Keep your fingers crossed.

(330) sound_loud_speaker What’s so fascinating about origami? You have a bee in your bonnet about it.

(331) sound_loud_speaker Don’t talk to me about your sister’s financial problems. I have other fish to fry right now.

(332) sound_loud_speaker I understand you love him. But don’t get married yet. Don’t go off the deep end.

(333) sound_loud_speaker When we first met we got on like a house on fire.

(334) sound_loud_speaker Gossip says Barbara’s got a bun in the oven.

(335) sound_loud_speaker Always surrounded by drugs, cars and beautiful women, his was life in the fast lane.

(336) sound_loud_speaker If you want your daughter to behave, I’m afraid you’ll have to put your foot down at some point.

(337) sound_loud_speaker Sorry for the poor reading but I have a frog in my throat tonight.

(338) sound_loud_speaker Now you complain, but in the long run it’ll be for the best.

(339) sound_loud_speaker She’s being really nice to me today. She knows which side her bread is buttered on.

(340) sound_loud_speaker I know it’s boring but try to make the best of that class.

(341) sound_loud_speaker It isn’t that I’m greedy. I’m just trying to make ends meet.

(342) sound_loud_speaker And then the plummer came in and I was in my birthday suit.

(343) sound_loud_speaker Martin, come here. I have a bone to pick with you.

(344) sound_loud_speaker You can’t stop reading because you didn’t like just one book. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.


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