The accenting of prefixes is also a well-attested method of signaling contrast in English. This case may seem particularly strange to Spanish students, since it is very rarely used in Spanish.

(44) sound_loud_speaker When you see the airy and comfortable rooms heard of, you find they are stuffy and uncomfortable (Tadhg Hynes -Dublin, Ireland- reading a story by Thomas Hardy).

(45) sound_loud_speaker I don’t know whether this is at a conscious level or at an unconscious level (unknown speaker).

(46) sound_loud_speaker The most mysterious thing about acting to non-actors is whether you become someone else (Mark Lawson; London, UK).

(47) sound_loud_speaker I don’t like historical novels, I won’t try an anti-historical novel (Richard Flanagan; Tasmania, Australia).

As can be observed in the examples, the word with the accented prefix has always a counterpart without the prefix which has been uttered before (comfortable-uncomfortable, conscious-unconscious, etc.).


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